Clanton Announces Candidacy to His Community

The announcement below was release to Jimmy Clanton. Jr. community via NextDoor(.com). Nextdoor is a community specific social outlet, Jimmy brought and promoted the NextDoor app in his community, where he serve as the community lead for NextDoor.  Jimmy also is in his 2nd term as President of the Community Civic Association.

I feel it is appropriate to share with the members of our great community my intent to run for the Stonecrest City Council seat for District 1.

I have received an enormous amount of unsolicited requests to seek the office of City Council for Stonecrest District 1. The requests have come from members of the Stonecrest City Alliance, prominent industry leaders, several current elected county and state officials as well as a number of other area leaders whose opinions I highly respect. I’m humbled and grateful for the confidence that they’ve placed in me. The support that they all have pledged is especially encouraging as I did not seek out this mission.

Yet more important than their endorsements and encouragement are my firm belief that the Parks of Stonecrest neighborhood deserves and has earned the right to be prominently represented in the development of the city of Stonecrest. I will work hard, not just for the Parks of Stonecrest, but for all of District 1; every neighborhood, every apartment community, every business, every industry, every church, and all other entities within this city’s footprint.

I feel that my time serving man-on-the-ground as the Community Civic Association President for two terms here in the Parks of Stonecrest has contributed greatly to prepare me for this new journey. My experience in our growing and diverse community has added to my understanding the importance of catering to the needs of the people, it has also amplified within me that the will of the people is the first step on the pathway to growth and development in any community, city, county, state or country. I have at the heart of my pursuit the well-being, preservation, safety and relevance of our awesome new city.

We have only one chance to get this right from the start! The beginning of that process is placing caring, well-tempered, community-minded, wise individuals who are committed to the vision that brought to reality the city of Stonecrest.