Jimmy Clanton, Jr. Wins in Stonecrest!

Our labor for positive change, economic growth and community betterment for the Stonecrest area didn’t just start yesterday.  We have been on the ground working for a clean, vibrant and thriving Stonecrest long before the city borders were drawn.

We didn’t just start picking up trash on our roads,
or organizing to bring new businesses to the area,
or showing up to protest harmful industries looking to move into our area,
nor organizing forums to keep our citizens in the area politically aware,
and no we didn’t just start organizing neighborhood watch groups for our communities to help deter crime,
nor did we just start the conversation on education, parks and recreation, nor zoning in this area,
we’ve been doing this very work in this community for years. WE, YOU AND I!

I need you to act on your commitment to continue with me on our journey.


  1. Yard signs and info cards are available free to supporters. Email us, with your address and a contact email or phone number and I will personally put a campaign yard sign in your yard.
  2. Share your concerns with me about our city, what would you like to see city council and mayor focus on as we stand up this new city.
  3. Your vote and your ability to share with others that they may vote for us is of more value than your dollar. However any amount that you contribute to this campaign will be used by us to insure every home, apartment, business, church and educational facility within our reach HAS OUR EAR and WILL SEE OUR ACTION when we are elected to TRULY represent them and not simply add a feather to our cap or a trophy on our own mantel of personal accomplishments.

You can make a even bigger difference now, as we continue to push for positive change and economic growth in our communities. Don’t waste this opportunity to do the right thing about our great communities.

Vote for Jimmy Clanton, Jr., Stonecrest City Council District 1. Early voting starts February 27, the last day to register if you are not registered to vote is February 21.

Thank you all so much, no matter what, we the city of Stonecrest win in the end.