Celebrating MLK Jr. Day!

Jimmy Clanton, Jr., wife Edwina Clanton and Grassroots Chair JW Eady.  This picture was taken by our granddaughter Gabby Miles.

It was a great honor to participate in the DeKalb’s  NAACP Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade.  The early morning dark clouds rolled away to reveal a beautiful day, as we followed along the parade route beginning at Green Pastures church to the campus of Martin Luther King Jr High School.  The entire parade route down Snapfinger Road borders our new city of Stonecrest, everything on the left side being Stonecrest.  Our vehicle was placed directly behind the Columbia High School band, one of four DeKalb County school bands represented in the parade, including the famous “Kings of Halftime” of MLK Jr. High School.  My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with parade participants and on-watchers alike.

We support education in our neighborhoods when we support events that encourage the participation our students and their families.

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